Life Skills

tyreek hill

The Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill had a come-to-jesus chat with owner Clark Hunt this weekend, the result of which was Hill saying that he needs to “work on his life skills.” Well, no shit, captain motherfucking obvious. Kudos for figuring that out.

I don’t care what anyone says: Hill is a menace. Anyone who abuses their partner or kids should not be walking around loose, never mind being part of a professional sports team. There’s players getting automatic suspensions for using medical marijuana and fertility drugs, but this shitbag gets a free pass after breaking his son’s arm and threatening his partner with physical harm. You have to wonder if the result would be different if Hill played for the Cardinals or the Jags instead of the Chiefs, who almost went to the Super Bowl.

Yeah, life skills are important, but Hill needs to be a decent human being first. People who have emotional maturity and empathy don’t snap bones or call their partner a bitch. The best thing that could happen to Hill right now is to be cut. Unemployed and (probably) soon broke, he’ll be forced to develop those life skills he’s blabbing about. Let him work a regular job for $12 an hour while paying for food, rent and child support. Perhaps he’d develop a sense of gratitude for what he had. Perhaps he wouldn’t. But he shouldn’t play football ever again.

The term “No Fun League” has made the rounds in recent years. It’s more like the “No Fair League” when it comes to discipline. If the NFL is really concerned with “protecting the shield” as it claims, then it needs to consider the message it is sending with situations like Hill’s.