Fuck Off, Collins

landon collins

Good fucking god. Will the endless mouthing off ever stop? We’ve come to expect this shit from Odell, but Landon Collins just keeps proving over and over again why the Giants let him walk.

In the latest installment of Collins vs. His Former Team™, the safety said, “..Give him [Dave Gettleman] a nice little thud, a little run over” because “I don’t think he’s got the skill level to stay on his feet.” Oh. Really. He beat lymphoma, pal. You’re nothing compared to that.

Landon Collins once went on the radio and called teammate Eli Apple a “cancer” and has bitched about players and coaches on several other occasions. He also publicly ripped officials after a humiliating loss at Carolina. When he wasn’t franchise tagged and eventually went to the ‘Skins, the vitriol just kept on coming, despite the fact his new team massively overpaid him. He’s still pissed the Giants never even made an offer. Of course they didn’t. The team wants players with character and class who will win games, not some crybaby assclown with a big fucking mouth and declining skills.

The Giants traded away Odell, a generational talent, in a heartbeat. What makes Collins think he’s so special?

He needs to STFU, play ball and count his fucking money. Acting like a jilted lover is not a good way to start over. Something tells me Collins will be singing a different tune at the end of the season when the Deadskins are 4-12 and half the team is on IR. His Giants days will look pretty good then.