Crybaby Antonio Brown

antonio brown

For fuck’s sake. Antonio Brown is such a drama king, he can’t even make things work with the Raiders, who are known for their high tolerance of idiocy and taking on players no other team wants.

Last week, it was the thing with his feet. Something was wrong, and no one knew what or why. Then it came to light that Brown got frostbite from cryotherapy, which caused blisters. WTF? When your career depends on your ability to run, you’d think “Oh gee, I should protect my feet” would have crossed his mind. So. Fucking. Stupid.

Today, Brown told the Raiders he would not play football again unless he’s allowed to wear the helmet of his choice. The one he likes isn’t banned, but it is too old to be certified, meaning he can’t wear it. (Older helmets were grandfathered in last year; players cannot wear them starting this season.)

OK, Antonio. Enough of your bullshit. Heal your damn feet, wear the required helmet and do the fucking job you’re being paid to do. If you can’t handle that, then stop taking up space on the team and make room for someone who wants to play. As I’ve said time and again: playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. The minute any player thinks it’s a right or that the league owes them a favor means it’s time to do something else. Go work at Home Depot for a while and get back to us about how important that helmet is. No one will miss you.

So tired of prima donnas. Fuck off.